In recent years many people have become more health conscious and have changed the way they eat.  With the various preservatives that are commonly put in different foods, it is hard to know if the food you are consuming is safe to eat. Fortunately there are many ingredients on the market today that can be used to make scrumptious dishes without the unhealthy preservatives. These are some of the organic ingredients that are often used to make delicious organic cakes.

Organic Milk, Cream, And Butter 

Dairy products can easily become contaminated with hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals that are given to the cows that produce them. However, many dairy farmers now only use organic methods and this means the milk and other dairy products that comes from their cows is much safer to consume.

Organic dairy products are now readily available in most grocery stores and can also be purchased directly from a dairy farm. Using these ingredients for baking organic cake may also improve the taste of the cake because there are no unpleasant aftertaste of the chemicals that are used in dairy products that aren't organic.

Organic Eggs 

To make sure your cake is light and fluffy, it must have eggs as a key ingredient. Organic eggs are also available that come from free range hens that have not eaten or been treated with harsh chemicals. In the past, it was common for farmers to give chickens steroid shots to increase their growth.

However, organic eggs come from chickens who have only been given natural feed and clean water. These chickens do not receive these steroid shots, therefore the harmful chemicals do not pass to the eggs they lay.

Organic Wheat Flour 

Baking a cake is simply not going to happen without flour as an ingredient. However, much of the commonly used white cake baking flour has been treated with bleach to make it finer and easier to mix. Organic wheat flour is unbleached and has not been treated with other chemicals to change the consistency. Organic wheat flour is available in many super markets and health food stores as well.

Organic Fruit 

Fruit is one type of food that is frequently sprayed for pesticides. These chemicals soak through the skin of many fruits and can make them potentially harmful to eat. There are many farmers all across the country who do not use pesticides for treating their fruits. These fruits can be found in super markets and health food stores and will always be labeled as organic. 

While organic fruits may not grow as large as those that have been treated with pesticides, they are still much safer to eat. Various fruits such as apples, berries, peaches, plums and even pineapples are often available in an organic form. These fruits can add lots of delicious flavor to any organic cake.

To give a sweeter flavor to your cake or icing, you can use organic honey instead of processed sugar. Organic honey creates the perfect sweetness for any cake without the harmful additives.